09/16/2013 03:49 EDT | Updated 09/17/2013 11:20 EDT

Russell Peters: Stop Being So Politically Correct About Comedy (VIDEO)

Comedians have been getting in trouble more often lately for "offensive" jokes.

But are the jokes more offensive or is society more sensitive?

Canadian comedian Russell Peters thinks it's the latter, and that it's time for us to focus more on the intent of a joke.

"If you look at TV in the ‘70s versus TV now, and you see the things people said back in the day – they said the most off-colour stuff and nobody’s feelings were hurt," Peters told George Stroumboulopoulos. "Do you know why? Because it’s about intent. The intent then was to make you laugh. And the intent is still to make you laugh, but they’ve drilled it in into your head that you’re not supposed to laugh at this."

Do you think we've become too politically correct about comedy? Is it possible to make jokes about touchy subjects such as rape or racism without being offensive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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