09/16/2013 04:18 EDT

Vogue Editors Then And Now: Anna Wintour's Haircut Hasn't Changed (PHOTOS)

Anna Wintour just released the cover of the October issue of Vogue which has left the blogosphere (and yours truly) divided over cover star Sandra Bullock's mysterious hairdo.

The photo made us wonder: What did Anna Wintour look like when she was younger? Did she ever sport a questionable hairstyle or has she always had her iconic bob-with-blunt-bangs? Was she born wearing sunglasses?

These are questions we had to have answered, so we dug way back into the photo archives to see what our favourite Vogue editrix looked like back before she became known as the Devil in Prada.

And, to make it even more fun, we added in some other Vogue staffers such as Grace Coddington, Andre Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles for your viewing pleasure.

Anna Wintour in 1989:

Anna Wintour in 2013:

Grace Coddington in 1967:

Grace Coddington in 2013:

Andre Leon Talley in 1991:

Andre Leon Talley in 2013:

Viriginia Smith in 2004:

Viriginia Smith in 2013:

Sally Singer in 2005:

Sally Singer in 2013:

Mark Holgate in 2004:

Mark Holgate in 2013:

Hamish Bowles in 1998:

Hamish Bowles in 2013:

Candy Pratts Price in 1989 (right):

Candy Pratts Price in 2010:


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