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Daren Miller Returns Degrees To Saint Mary's University In Wake Of Pro-Rape Chant

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A Calgary man who earned his education from Saint Mary's University has returned his two degrees in the wake of a pro-rape chant caught on video during frosh week.

Daren Miller, a chartered financial analyst who earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce from the Halifax, N.S. university, travelled to the school in person to return the papers Tuesday morning, reports Metro Calgary.

“For me, the degrees are virtually worthless. I’m handing them back,” Miller told last week.

Miller, a 1995 grad, told the Globe and Mail his degrees are "tainted," after he witnessed the video posted online earlier this month.

In the video a group of frosh leaders can be heard leading first year students in the chant, "Y is for your sister... U is for underage, N is for no consent, G is for grab that ass.”

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"My next reaction was just complete and utter outrage over these over-zealous fools that were obviously quite enthusiastic,” Miller told

Miller took a flight to Halifax this morning, where he laid his degrees against the fence of the historic Halifax Infant’s Home, and walked away, reports Metro.

He was met by the university's registrar, Paul Dixon and the two exchanged few words before Dixon took the scrolls and walked away, reports the Canadian Press.

Miller told the Globe and Mail he thinks university president Dr. Colin Dodds should resign.

“I’m a father of two young girls. The thought of ever wanting to send them to Saint Mary’s disgusts me,” he told the Globe. “I would never do it now.”

Dodds said the university is working hard to "get that brand back."

Jared Perry, president of the school's student union, has already resigned and two other students will face a disciplinary hearing.

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