09/17/2013 09:38 EDT | Updated 11/17/2013 05:12 EST

David Cameron says Tottenham supporters calling themselves 'Yids' should not be prosecuted

LONDON - British Prime minister David Cameron says that Tottenham fans should be allowed to use the word "Yid" in their chants because they are not motivated by hate.

Tottenham, which has a strong Jewish fan base, has been targeted by anti-Semitic insults for years and the club's supporters use the word "Yid" to describe themselves. Tottenham's firm is also called the "Yid Army."

But the Football Association has recently warned Spurs fans that they could be prosecuted if they continue to use the term.

Cameron told The Jewish Chronicle that "there's a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult. You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted - but only when it's motivated by hate."