09/17/2013 04:03 EDT | Updated 11/17/2013 05:12 EST

Edmonton Woman Gets Speeding Ticket While Car Supposed To Be At Boyd Autobody


EDMONTON – An Edmonton woman received a photo radar ticket for speeding, but she says her vehicle was at a shop for repairs when the infraction occurred.

Sheila Taschuk took her car to Boyd Autobody for some warranty work and left it there for 2 1/2 weeks.

During that time, she got the photo radar ticket in the mail and saw that where her vehicle was snapped was nowhere near the body shop.

She says at first an employee of the body shop denied the vehicle had ever left the building, but after she faxed them a copy of the ticket, she got a call saying they'd be writing her a cheque.

Taschuk says now her biggest concern isn't the ticket, it's how her car was being driven around, noting there appears to be more than 1,000 kilometres more on the vehicle than when she dropped it off.

Kevin Comrie of Boyd Autobody says there appears to have been a confusion between Taschuk's car and a similar vehicle which had hail damage and was taken to a different location for repairs.

"We sublet that work out to a company called Hail Specialist,'' said Comrie. "They came to pick up the vehicle that had the hail damage, but unfortunately took the wrong vehicle. Our understanding is that they took it to their location, realized it was the wrong location and then brought it back to our location.''

Comrie said it took a little while for the subcontractor to provide the cheque to Boyd, and that Boyd also was delayed a few days in sending the cheque to Taschuk.

Comrie said the company will also be working with Taschuk to compensate her for the mileage, and will conduct an internal investigation and speak with the subcontractor to determine what happened with her vehicle.

Comrie said it is usually part of Boyd's policy to document vehicles' mileage upon arrival and departure.

"Yes, that absolutely is part of the procedure. We should always be taking a picture of the odometer -- that was again, a process that was not adhered to in this case.

"We clearly dropped the ball here.''

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