09/18/2013 02:36 EDT | Updated 11/18/2013 05:12 EST

Level roadway-train crossings have deadly history in Canada

OTTAWA - A collision between a Via Rail train and a city bus killed at least six people in Ottawa on Wednesday. A look at other level crossing accidents in Canada over the years:

— The Transportation Safety Board says there were 25 fatal crossing accidents in 2012, similar to the 24 recorded in 2011 and up from the five-year average of 21. Most typically involve pedestrians.

— One of the worst bus-train crashes ever occurred in Dorion, Que., in October 1966, when 19 teenagers on their way to a dance were killed when their bus was sliced in two by a freight train at a level crossing.

— In November 1960, 17 teenage students were killed when their school bus was a struck by a train at a crossing near Lamont, Alta.

— In May 2010, three people were killed when a Via Rail train hit the truck in which they were driving at a level crossing in northwestern Alberta.

— In September 2000, three people were killed when a Via Rail train hit a vehicle near Limehouse, Ont.