09/19/2013 06:33 EDT | Updated 09/27/2013 09:50 EDT

8 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

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For breakfast, you may be perfectly satisfied with scarfing down a danish at the coffee shop, but you owe your kids a lot more in the way of nutrition. We have some great breakfast suggestions for your wee ones that will save time and keep them energized all morning long.

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The breakfast burrito: Eggs may seem like a monumental task if you’re in a hurry, but did you know that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave in mere minutes? Just mix two eggs and a tablespoon of milk in a bowl and microwave it at 30-second intervals until it’s at the consistency you like. Then add the eggs to a small whole-wheat tortilla with a bit of cheese and salsa and bam — you’ve got a healthy, protein-rich breakfast that can be taken anywhere.

Fruit smoothies: Smoothies are flavour powerhouses and best of all; they’re packed with vitamins and nutrients too! Kids tend to love them so if you have a picky eater on your hands, a smoothie may be just the way to get them to eat their veggies and fruits. Combine in a blender a couple of scoops of frozen berries, a handful of baby spinach, a banana, some plain yogurt, a tablespoon of honey, a splash of low-fat or almond milk and some peanut butter to create a delicious and nutritious breakfast drink.

Yogurt parfait: Granola and yogurt is an easy standby item for many families, but many packaged cereals and yogurts can be low in nutrition and full of sugar. Make sure your kids are getting the best of the best by mixing some crushed nuts, toasted oats, and plain yogurt, then add a little bit of honey or jam. A few berries will sweeten the deal for them, and some wheat germ will add an extra crunch.

Fancy oatmeal: Start the day off right with some plain instant oatmeal (it only takes a few minutes to make), then add some fresh fruit, plain yogurt, and cinnamon to make it a delicious breakfast that’s good for you, too.

Breakfast pizza: Let you kids think they’re getting away with something naughty by serving them a healthy-yet-delicious breakfast pizza. Take a whole-wheat English muffin and top it with a tomato slice, a bit of mozzarella cheese and some scrambled eggs and voila — you’ve covered all the food groups in one easy meal.

PB and banana toast: When you’re really in a hurry to get your kids out the door and you only have time for toast, top a whole-wheat piece of bread with some peanut butter and sliced banana. It’s a kid-friendly, tasty breakfast option that will provide them with fibre, protein and nutrients in one go.

Omelettes: If you’ve got a little gourmet on your hands, omelettes are the perfect breakfast dish as you can add whatever ingredients strike your fancy (or whatever you have in your fridge) and turn them into a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Our favourite omelette additions are feta cheese, spinach, diced tomatoes and fresh herbs. Try this or come up with your own creation!

DIY cereal: Don’t rely on processed, sugar-laden cereals from the grocery store — instead, create your own healthier version on the weekend that your kids can munch on all week. Toasted oats, chia seeds, hemp and nuts are all high in protein and packed-full of nutrition.