09/20/2013 06:36 EDT

Engagement Ring Case: Ex-Lovers Fight Outside Vancouver Courtroom (VIDEO)

An ex-lovers' spat exploded in front of B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday as they entered a legal battle over a $16,500 engagement ring.

Charlie Zampieri (also known as Pasquale) is suing his former fiancée Jessica Bennett to give back the diamond-and-sapphire ring he gave her after they had been dating for three weeks. He alleges the ring was not a gift, but a marriage contract that Bennett subsequently broke, reported CBC News.

Television cameras caught Zampieri and Bennett flinging wild accusations at each other outside court.

Transcript of the argument:

Zampieri: You're a player, you played a lot of people!

Bennett: I did not, I own my own business, that has a license and has tax returns, has tax returns, you have nothing. Go find someone else to go out with!

Zampieri: You know what, I have an affidavit coming, she used her business to do some other types of business...

Bennett: I did not. I did not!

Zampieri: Yes you did! I have an affidavit coming!

Bennett: You are a criminal! You are a criminal!

Zampieri told The Province that the pair met over dating site Plenty of Fish and broke up in August over money. He's now trying to get an injunction that would either force Bennett to return the ring or prevent her from selling it.

In a statement of claim filed to the court, Zampieri says he offered to give his ex-fiancée a kidney, although Bennett told The Province that the offer was tied to her providing sex. Zampieri denies that.

Zampieri's statement also claims that Bennett tried to sell the ring at an auction in Victoria, 24 Hours reported.

Zampieri says he still owes $3,500 on the ring, the newspaper reported.

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