09/23/2013 12:21 EDT

Leafs, Sabres Hockey Fight: Phil Kessel, John Scott Spark Huge Brawl (VIDEO)

Not even the goalies wanted to be left out of this one. A pre-season game between the Leafs and the Sabres got extra-feisty with members of the two divisional rivals starting a brawl in the third period.

The action started when Sabres enforcer John Scott went after Leafs star Phil Kessel. The tussle quickly escalated and within seconds almost all the players on the ice were involved, including Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier and the Sabres' Ryan Miller.

Scott is a 6' 8", 270 lb wrecking ball. Phil Kessel sometimes gets compared to a hobbit. Fortunately for Leafs fans everywhere, Kessel ended up tangling with 6'1" Brian Flynn.

Leafs player David Clarkson left the bench to help defend Kessel and could face a 10-game suspension.

Other suspensions might be possible.

The Sabres and the Leafs have already had an eventful pre-season. Their Saturday night matchup ended with a 15-round shootout.

The Leafs won Sunday's rematch 5-3. The two teams won't see each other again until Nov. 15.

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