09/23/2013 11:38 EDT | Updated 09/23/2013 12:56 EDT

Matthew Good, Family Guy: Canadian Rocker Not As Angsty As You Think -- Or At All (PHOTOS)

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Matthew Good has enjoyed a successful musical career, in a band and as a solo artist, is a political activist and blogger, and is about to release yet another album, "Arrows of Desire" on September 24th, all while being a dedicated father and husband.

The multiple Juno Award-winning musician says his family — wife Raeleigh, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth and step-daughter Avery — are what keeps the rocker honest these days. That, and tending to the menagerie of animals (horses, a goose, a duck, two chickens and one Flemish giant rabbit) on his property.

"With the family comes responsibilities," says Matt Good. "Like everybody else I've got a mortgage, I've got bills to pay. That kind of stuff like everybody else keeps me up at night. Children keep me down to earth. I'm smiling 90 per cent of the time, furious the other 10."

Really though, there's not much "furious" anymore. While Good may still be best-known for angsty, angry rock songs and a difficult reputation dating back to his early career when he was not-yet-diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disorder, he is quite simply in a wonderful place these days.

And so to prove it, Matt Good takes us through 15 insanely adorable family photos of his home life that show just how happy he is. (There's hope for us all!)

Matthew Good, The Family Guy