09/23/2013 02:11 EDT

Edmonton Oilers Lego Arena Shows Red Deer Family's Love For Hockey

Tired of waiting for Edmonton's new downtown arena to be built, an Red Deer family has gone ahead and created their own – from thousands of tiny Lego blocks.

Joel Cadieux's family spent hundreds of hours creating "Brick Arena," a replica Edmonton Oilers arena, sparing no detail on the massive structure.

"We just though, eh, you know what? The arena's not built yet, let's built it to what we think," Joel Cadieux told CBC News.

Cadieux, with the help of his four children, spent the past year building the replica from the ice up, after a heat wave last summer forced them into their home's basement to escape the heat, he told the Red Deer Advocate.

According to the Advocate, the cross-section arena measures roughly one-metre-by-1.5 meters and is constructed from approximately 15,000 blocks.

Its details include cameramen, a Jumbotron and the famed Gretzky statue that currently sits outside Rexall Place.

Hilarious touches, like a Lego man propping himself up with one arm while using a bathroom urinal and two Oilers “Green Men” harassing someone in the penalty box, show the humourous – and realistic – side of the project.

"It’s kind of projecting into the future,” Cadieux told the Advocate of the celebratory Oilers players hoisting a Lego Stanley Cup at centre ice (the team has not won the Cup since 1990, and has struggle in the past few years.)

The arena will have a place in their home for a few months, until the family decides to tear it down and start on their next Lego project.

According to the CBC, the Cadieux family's love of Lego has meant several large-scale creations, including a castle, a baseball stadium and a scale model of Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump.

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