09/23/2013 04:11 EDT

Weight Lost: How Rosie Metayer Lost 53 Pounds

Rosie Metayer

WHO: Rosie Metayer, personal trainer specialist

AGE: 39

CITY: Markham, Ont.

By The Numbers: 186 pounds at my starting point, and currently 133, total weight loss 53 pounds.

The Weight Gain: Growing up I was always very slim and athletic up until I was married. I was about 145 pounds, which apparently according to my family suited me at that time because I was too "skinny."

The Final Straw: I just wasn't happy with how I looked and the weight I was at. We were planning our one year wedding anniversary trip to Italy, and I wasn't happy with my shopping experience looking for bathing suits. At that point, I yearned so badly to be that young girl in high school who was slim, athletic and attractive. I just felt gross and not to my standards, I knew what I was then and I knew I wanted my "old me" back.

I always worried about health, as my dad was a diabetic and heart disease was in the family.

When my mother said my ass looked rather big and plump, that was it. I cut back on carbs and junk and increased my cardio and weights and things started to change.

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The Plan Of Attack: I knew I wanted to get pregnant and I couldn't stand the thought of being slightly heavier than I was used to. If my butt was big at that time, I knew I had to make a positive change and have my body ready for that big moment. Aside from preparing myself for the pregnancy, I always had looked good and attractive and I wanted to maintain that image.

After my first child was born, I worked out religiously and watched my diet, but I still didn't have the body that I always dreamed of.

The Food Element:

I ate mainly proteins (lean steak, salmon, other fish, lots of chicken and turkey) and vegetables and some good carbs, such as quinoa or half a sweet potato after a good workout.

I cut out foods completely as well: I didn't eat any sort of sugar, alcohol, breads or pastas. I gave up a lot of carbs, being Italian, I had a tough time giving up the pasta and the bread, but soon after I became accustomed to eating other healthier foods and I actually felt better and not have that bloated stomach.

In the first few months, I didn't track calories, I just kept my own food journal and tracked my meals. Later, I used apps like "My Fitness Pal."

The Exercise Factor:

I joined the gym at Dan Go's -- Markham Boot Camp aka Go Girls Boot Camp. I loved it here, all the women were there to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I felt like a celebrity when I lost all my weight, it was such an accomplishment and an inspiration to other women of how much hard work goes into results.

I loved reaching my fitness journey through GGBC, that I became a trainer there. I train four times a week with the girls at boot camp, but in addition that I also teach kickboxing to have the best of the both worlds.

I'm also training for a half marathon in September, therefore running has become a big part of my life. If I don't workout with the girls, I usually hit the gym and do an intense weight training session targeting all muscle groups and will include some running.

The Current Day-To-Day: Maintenance is the hardest part, but I always think twice about putting that "piece of bad food" in my mouth, is it worth it? Most of the time, no. I've accepted that once in a while I can have a small treat, but nothing I would jeopardize all my hard work and dedication to get the body that I have now.

I'm most proud of this entire fitness journey, where I started from to where I am now as a person. My drive, my dedication and will power to succeed. For others, find something you enjoy, have a friend join you, have team support from your family and most importantly, never give up hope, and believe in yourself that anything is possible. If we want something bad enough, we will do whatever it takes to get there.