09/24/2013 17:12 EDT | Updated 11/24/2013 05:12 EST

Stanley Cup rioters: what sentence did they get?

After the Stanley Cup riot in June 2011, Vancouver police launched one of the largest investigations in Canadian history, with the aim of identifying and charging hundreds of people who participated in the mass vandalism and looting.

More than two years later, police say 268 people have been charged with a total of 814 charges.

Here are some of the sentences some of the convicted rioters received.

Sophie Laboissonniere:

- Former beauty queen who pleaded guilty to participating in the riot and breaking into a downtown Vancouver drug store.

- Given a conditional discharge and sentenced to 16 months probation and 60 hours of community service.

Ryan Dickinson, 20, from Coquitlam,

- Pleaded guilty to participating in the riot - the first person convicted.

- Sentenced to 17 months for throwing a newspaper box onto a police car windshield and smashing a store window.

- Dickinson also pleaded guilty to breach of recognizance. Two charges of mischief dropped in light of the guilty plea.

Spencer Kirkwood, 26.

- Was caught on tape smashing windows of a Telus building. Argued he was too drunk to be held responsible for his actions.

- Given a 30-day conditional sentence with no jail time, plus two years probation, with a ban on drinking alcohol.

Vasilios Makris, 29.

- Pleaded guilty to participating in a riot and assault.

- Sentenced to eight months in jail.

Jonathan Mahoney

- Caught on video beating up a Good Samaritan

- Sentenced to eight months in jail

Rag Gu Rock Gue Kim, also known as Rocky.

- Tried to light a vehicle on fire.

- Given a nine-month conditional sentence, followed by 15 months of probation. with five months house arrest followed by four months with a strict curfew.

- Also banned from consuming alcohol or being in bars and ordered to do 100 hours of community service and make restitution for the vehicles he helped damage during the riot.

Chelsea Andrews, of Surrey, B.C.

- For his actions around a Blenz Coffee store.

- Received a three-month conditional sentence and must perform 100 hours of community service. banned from any Blenz Coffee location in B.C. for one year.

Willmar Ovando-Renderos,

- Admitted to kicking an Audi, throwing objects at windows, and stealing three purses

- Sentenced to 45 days, to be served on weekends

Camille Cacnio, 23.

- Photographed stealing pants from a looted clothing store.

- Handed a suspended sentence that included two years of probation, a night-time curfew and 150 hours of community service.

Aman Singh Aujla.

- was convicted of mischief for smashing a store window and trashing an unmarked police car.

- Sentenced to serve 45 days in jail, but only on weekends, after his lawyer, Russ Chamberlain, successfully argued he should be allowed to continue boxing in Friday night tournaments to keep his Olympic dream alive.