09/25/2013 09:09 EDT

Miley Cyrus Gets Rolling Stone Tattoo On Her Feet (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Sure, Miley Cyrus posing nude for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is kinda scandalous, but not as shocking as her new tattoo!

The "Wrecking Ball" singer took to Instagram to show off her new ink: the words “Rolling $tone” on the bottoms of her feet!

So how (and more importantly, why) did the controversial MTV twerker end up getting the tat?

Journalist Josh Eells recounts the story in the magazine:

"For her first Rolling Stone cover story, Miley wanted to do something fun. 'I thought about going to play laser tag,' she says. 'But laser tag sucks. And we could have gone bowling, but what are we, 90?' Naturally, the next idea was getting a tattoo.

'All right, darlin',' says Mojo. 'You ready?'

'Ready,' she says. Mojo fires up the needle, which begins buzzing extremely loudly. 'I hate seeing the needle,' says Miley. She cranes her neck backward. 'Does it hurt? It hurts, right?'

Mojo: 'Yeah, it hurts.'"

This isn't the only tattoo the "We Can't Stop" singer has; the precocious 20-year-old (yep, she's younger than Selena Gomez) also has a dreamcatcher, a peace sign, the words "love" and "just breathe" and part of a Teddy Roosevelt speech among others.

Well, at least Liam Hemsworth's ex didn't get an ice cream tattoo on her face!

So many tattoo regrets:

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