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RCMP Barbie Doll Sells Out: Legendary Doll Joins Iconic Police Force, Becomes A Mountie (PHOTO)

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Barbie looks positively arresting. Apparently all she needed all these decades was a pair of RCMP breeches to giver her that fuller look.

The ubiquitous doll has joined forces with Canada's iconic police force in the form of an RCMP Barbie, unveiled at the police force's Regina depot RCMP Heritage Centre earlier this week.

The miniature Mountie reported for duty with relatively little fanfare Monday but it only took a couple of days for the new doll, decked out in a full RCMP ceremonial uniform, to sell out.

According to the, the fashionista-turned-crime fighter is dressed in a contemporary Mountie uniform, complete with a scarlet tunic, the cross strap and belt, tall Strathcona boots, navy and yellow breeches, and a removable stetson, which frees up the policewoman's full head of red hair.

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Unsure what the reaction would be to the RCMP-themed Barbie doll, staff at the centre took a wait-and-see approach to the new model, the Regina Leader-Post reported.

“We thought, ‘We’ll see (how they sell),’” Heritage Centre marketing director Bianca McGregor said. “We’re a small gift shop and it’s out of season … really we were just gearing up for Christmas.”

The latest Barbie is part of the Dolls of the World collection which, according to Mattel, showcases dolls from around the globe dressed in traditional clothing from her country.

The Heritage Centre's share of the 1,200 limited editions RCMP dolls, which retailed for $29.99 and were also available on the centre's online store, sold within 48 hours.

The demand for the petite police officer was huge but so was the criticism from observers who wondered if allowing the doll to don the very Canadian uniform of the RCMP was really the smartest thing for the RCMP Foundation, which owns the rights to the uniform, to do.

"Why would an organization previously billed as 'Canada’s Finest,' charge—breasts first—into such a dubious political and ethical quagmire?" asked Ingrid Baier on

"In a political climate that has seen the Mounties slapped with sexual harassment suit after sexual harassment suit, the Force needs to examine the cultural subtext inherent in its decision to publicly endorse the representation of Female Member as Fertility Goddess."

Meanwhile, reaction on social media was evenly split between shock and excitement, with people ridiculing the fact Barbie's Strathcona riding boots have high heels, to many others openly pining to get their hands on one.

The centre hopes to get more of the Barbie dolls in to meet demand in the coming weeks, reports CTV.

Proceeds from the sale of the dolls will go to the RCMP Foundation, which supports programs for at-risk youth.

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