09/25/2013 11:01 EDT | Updated 11/25/2013 05:12 EST

Streetcar driver charged after collision with cyclist

A TTC streetcar driver has been charged after a collision with a cyclist last week in downtown Toronto.

Police say the driver of the streetcar is facing a charge of careless driving under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

The collision happened on Sept. 20 near Queen Street and Bathurst Street. The cyclist, a man in his 30s, was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital with minor injuries.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross wouldn't confirm whether the driver is still working.

Passenger Daniel Roberts was near the front of the streetcar when the collision happened.

“I was looking out the … ​window and all of a sudden the driver of the streetcar began to honk his horn,” Roberts told CBC News.

Roberts said he looked outside to see what the driver was honking at and saw a cyclist travelling about 20-30 metres in front of the streetcar.

“[The driver] continued to honk his horn, the cyclist didn’t move, and the streetcar ran directly into him,” Roberts said.

“The driver either couldn't stop fast enough or didn’t stop. I’m not exactly sure what happened. But essentially, the streetcar just kept going,” he said.

TTC says it has launched an internal investigation but wouldn’t say when it would be completed or if the findings would be made public.