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Allan Bosomworth, Two Chefs And A Table Restaurant Co-Owner, Turns Himself In

VANCOUVER - The co-owner of a former high-end Vancouver restaurant who has been charged with observing or recording people while they were naked on a tiny camera allegedly hidden in a bathroom has turned himself in to police.

Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said Thursday that Allan Bosomworth turned himself in to sheriffs at the provincial courthouse Wednesday and was escorted to the Vancouver jail.

Bosomworth was charged Sept. 11 with one count of "secretly observing nudity in a private place,'' and just two days later was named in an arrest warrant. Two former servers have said the second owner at the restaurant told them he found the camera in the eatery's bathroom while cleaning. The second owner has not been charged with anything.

The offence allegedly took place at the now-closed Two Chefs And A Table restaurant between Dec. 14, 2012 and Dec. 18, 2012, and police have previously said one victim has been identified by images recorded on a camera, but they could not identify other victims due to the poor video quality.

"If we have new information that allows us to either identify a new victim or a victim comes forward, or a witness comes forward to provide us with more information ... that information would be added to the investigation and provided to Crown counsel," said Montague.

But the police have now turned over the file to the courts to deal with, said Montague.

The Crown alleges Bosomworth observed or recorded people "in a place in which they could reasonably be expected to be nude, to expose their genital organs and, or anal region," according to the indictment and arrest warrant filed Sept. 13, 2013.

The windows of the small white building where the restaurant was located are now papered over and the doors barred shut.

But the company continues to operate two other restaurants: Big Lou's Butcher Shop, one block south of the shuttered location, and Two Chefs in Richmond, B.C., where the company's catering kitchen is located.

The two servers, who asked not to be identified, told The Canadian Press recently they were told by the co-owner not charged that he discovered a USB-key-sized camera on Dec. 18, 2012 while cleaning around the toilet in the co-ed washroom used by patrons and staff of the now-closed upscale establishment.

Both servers said the man, Karl Gregg, reported the matter to the police, prompting the investigation.

"I honestly went into a bit of shock when he told me. I was just sickened. I'm pretty sure I was shaking. Trying not to cry," said one of the servers who didn't want to be identified.

"You don't need to film the people you're working with.''

The other female server said she felt sick to her core when she was told about the camera.

"I was very disoriented and couldn't really conceive of what I had just been told. And that feeling didn't really go away for a few months."

Bosomworth has been released on $1,000 bail and will return for a provincial court hearing Oct. 16.

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