09/26/2013 11:39 EDT | Updated 11/26/2013 05:12 EST

Projet Montreal launches platform

Projet Montreal announced its official election platform yesterday, emphasizing transparency, housing, and plans to expand public transportation.

Mayoral candidate Richard Bergeron said his party wants to set up a tramway system in the city and extend the metro to Anjou within four years, more quickly than the province's proposed 10 year plan.

Bergeron said he also wants to create more housing on the island, to entice more families to stay.

"We are the only one — and this will be in our platform — to do everything to keep families in Montreal. And when I say everything, it is what has to be done right now in our neighbourhoods and in the new neighbourhoods that we have to create," said Bergeron.

Bergeron said 8,000 households relocate to the suburbs every year, but he'd like to see residential construction projects on-island, particularly in less-developed areas east of the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Bergeron tried to distinguish his party from Denis Coderre's team, by pointing out that no members of Gerald Tremblay's old Union Montreal party are in Projet Montreal.

He also said his party has opened its books to show voters how money is being collected and spent during the campaign.

"I don't see who else will offer so strong a guarantee about integrity, and the population of Montreal demands that the next team be honest," said Bergeron.