09/26/2013 03:41 EDT | Updated 09/26/2013 03:45 EDT

Shin Ik Noh Missing: Family Calls For Help To Find Man With Alzheimer's

Coquitlam RCMP

As the search for 64-year-old Shin Ik Noh continues, his family are calling on the public to help.

The Coquitlam man with Alzheimer's has been missing since Sept. 18, but according to reports by The Vancouver Sun, he has been given food by the city's homeless community. Sam Noh, the missing man's son, told the newspaper that two homeless people said they saw his father and that one of them actually provided him with food.

Dale, a homeless man in Coquitlam, told CBC that while he hasn't seen Noh himself, he thinks it is entirely possible that the homeless community is helping the missing man. "Everybody is giving down there," he said. "If you're in the bush, you're not alone. There are people who will help you everywhere you go."

According to CBC, Noh has been spotted three times in the Burke Mountain area since he went missing.

Noh's family has set up a website with all of the details regarding his disappearance, including ways to get involved and what number to call if he is spotted. A corresponding Google Map allows volunteers to indicate which neighbourhoods they have searched—and which areas still need to be explored.

“He has so much love for people," Noh's daughter Rebecca Ong told CTV. "He just reaches out to anybody and everybody." Noh is reported as being in good physical shape and able to walk long distances. He primarily speaks Korean but also knows English.

Coquitlam RCMP describe Shin Ik Noh as:

-A 64 year-old Korean male

-5'6" tall and 160 lbs

-Average build

-Clean shaven

-With short black hair which is graying on the sides

On the day he went missing, he was wearing:

-A black New York Rangers ball cap

-Green and navy blue long sleeves plaid shirt

-Dark green pants

-Black dress shoes

Anyone who spots Shin Ik Noh should call 911 immediately and stay with him until the police arrive.