09/28/2013 11:32 EDT | Updated 09/30/2013 10:59 EDT

Animals Face Off: Amazing Images Of Animals Standing Their Ground (PHOTOS)

Canada's wild spaces are simultaneously majestic, awe-inspiring, violent and unforgiving.

The law of the jungle rules in the mountains, the prairies, the forests and the tundra, as limited food and protection is pursued and sought, often to fatal results.

It is in that context that every hour of everyday, iconic animal species of the Canadian Rockies come fact to face with a competitor, a predator or a foe. But those instances are rarely witnessed by people. That is until Parks Canada started employing remote cameras to survey and monitor wildlife populations and habits.

A photo collection compiled by Waterton Lakes National Park, in the far southwest corner of Alberta, shows those rare moments when unsuspecting wild animals end up sharing the same piece of ground.

"With no one behind the lens influencing wildlife behaviour, remote cameras give us a rare opportunity to witness animals going about their daily lives, behaving naturally," states the park's website.

"Occasionally these cameras even give us a glimpse of how different species interact when they encounter each other."

A bald eagle faces off against a golden eagle, a cougar against a skunk, all moments that can decisively change the course of these animals' lives. Or, just as likely, can end up as a moment of intense communication with one or both parties willingly standing down, choosing hunger or loss of territory over the risk of a violent encounter.

Click through the slideshow below for moments just like that.

Wild Face-Offs