09/30/2013 05:45 EDT | Updated 11/30/2013 05:12 EST

Alberta Condo Disputes Will Be Solved Quicker With Tribunal System

CALGARY - Alberta is looking to make it easier and quicker for condo owners to deal with everyday issues instead of winding up in a lengthy court procedure.

Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar says a review of the Condominium Act resulted in a number of people saying the disputes are ending up in long and costly court battles with deep-pocketed condo building owners having the advantage.

He says the goal is to set up a tribunal system where an adjudicator will hear the concerns and come up with a decision that is binding and enforceable.

The government is setting up a committee that will determine what kind of issues can be dealt with and who the adjudicators will be.

He hopes to have a system up and running by next spring even though the review of the act won’t be complete by then.

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