09/30/2013 01:39 EDT | Updated 09/30/2013 04:56 EDT

Brad Wall Approval Ratings: Saskatchewan Premier Most Popular Provincial Leader In Canada


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has solidified his place as Canada's most popular premier and a new poll shows his already impressive numbers are only rising.

According to figures in an Angus Reid Global poll, 68 per cent of respondents approve of how Wall is carrying out his duties as premier, up from 67 per cent three months ago and up four per cent from half a year ago.

"Saskatchewan, with Premier Wall, is the only province where a majority of respondents are satisfied with the performance of their premier," states an Angus Reid release.

Saskatchewan has one of the healthiest economies in the country and is only second to Alberta for the title of fastest growing region in the country.

Coming in second in the poll is B.C.'s Christy Clark, who garnered a 44 per cent approval rating and who recently retook the premier's chair in a come-from-behind victory earlier this summer.

Clark's approval numbers are down one per cent from three months ago but a staggering 19 per cent up from six months ago.

Sandwiched in between Canada's most popular premiers is Alberta's Alison Redford, who continues to dwell in the middle of the pack with a 34 per cent approval rating. Although low compared to her two neighbours, Redford did see a five per cent jump from a stagnant 29 per cent approval rating the last six months.

Polls conducted in the aftermath of the Alberta flood in late June saw Redford's popularity surge, as many Albertans approved of the premier's handling of the emergency.

Things look rosier for Alberta's official opposition leader Danielle Smith, who garnered a 47 per cent approval rating. But while the difference between her approval rating and that of Redford's is a marked one, Redford is slowly crawling her approval rating up, while Smith is in the middle of a steady slide. Smith garnered a 53 per cent rating six months ago and 48 per cent three months ago.

The biggest jump in approval ratings across the country took place in Quebec, where Pauline Marois benefited from a 12 point jump.

"Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has surged from the back of the pack in June of this year to one of the more popular premiers in Canada," stated Angus Reid.

"Much of this may be attributable to her handling of the Lac Mégantic rail tragedy, and the wedge issue of the Quebec Charter of values."

The country's least popular premier is Newfoundland and Labrador's Kathy Dunderdale, who received a dismal 20 per cent approval rating, while the country's most popular provincial opposition leader is Dunderdale's foe Dwight Ball, who was given a 57 per cent approval rating.

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