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Breaking Bad Finale: How The Cast Said Goodbye (VIDEO)

Warning: If you haven't watched the Breaking Bad finale and are spoiler-averse, you should probably stop reading now.

You've watched Walter White and Jesse Pinkman get into some sticky situations during five seasons of Breaking Bad, but you've probably never seen the two share a moment as syrupy sweet as they did during Sunday night's farewell party in Los Angeles.

Attended by Huffington Post Canada's Chris Jancelewicz (he shot the video), the party was a chance to get behind-the-scenes insight into how the cast said goodbye to the iconic show. According to Jancelewicz, the overall vibe of the event was joyous and a little bittersweet.

"No one was really prepared for the show to end..." he wrote in his blog covering the event.

The enduring moment of the event was the heartfelt tributes shared between Cranston and Paul. "I would not be the actor that I am today without you," Paul told Cranston on stage.

Cranston returned the favour.

"Aaron always understands the blessings in life, and how lucky we are. He is a phenomenal actor, always willing to do the extra work, always there for you. As good as you are as an actor Aaron, you are an even better person."


The full cast of Breaking Bad, along with thousands of fans, friends and celebrities attended the event sponsored by Netflix. The event raised $2 million with proceeds going to The Kind Campaign, a non-profit charity that raises awareness of girl-on-girl bullying.

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