09/30/2013 12:12 EDT

Rihanna Goes Blond In Sexy Instagram Photos

Rihanna's never gone blond like this before.

The 25-year-old bad girl posted some steamy new Instagram photos on Sunday showcasing a radically different look (and that's hard to do for RiRi).

Sporting a platinum blond wig with Jane Austen curls, the "Diamonds" singer flaunted her bikini-ready bod in a purple satin onesie, white pumps and gobs of diamond and emerald jewelry.

But Chris Brown's ex wasn't playing dress-up by herself; the style chameleon was actually on set for her latest music video "Pour It Up".

Even though the risk-taker's ensemble was temporary, we're pretty sure Rihanna could have easily rocked the look out on the streets.

After all, this is the girl who carries a penis purse like it ain't no thang and has no problem showing off her gun-shaped grill.

Keep doing your thing, girl!

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