09/30/2013 20:29 EDT | Updated 11/30/2013 05:12 EST

Watch for antifreeze-laced food, Kelowna dog owners warned

The City of Kelowna is putting up signs warning people about food items being left in the city's dog parks that are possibly laced with antifreeze.

The warnings come after a flurry of social media reports that someone left buns, doughnuts and Timbits laced with the chemical mix.

RCMP Const. Kris Clark said one person filed a complaint about the smell of antifreeze at a dog park, but officers did not find anything suspicious.

"There is essentially nothing that's been located by us that can prove that this has been occurring other than anecdotal information that I have seen on social media sites," he said.
Clark said dog owners should keep an eye on their pets if visiting a dog park.

The City of Kelowna says veterinary tests completed on one dog suspected of having antifreeze poisoning last week came back negative.

Antifreeze poisoning can cause fatal damage to a dog's system, affecting the brain, liver, and kidneys.