09/30/2013 10:45 EDT | Updated 10/01/2013 09:01 EDT

Whistler Bear Killed After Home Invasion


A year-and-a-half-old black bear was killed by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service in Whistler after it became trapped in a home with two people inside.

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon, when a resident of the Whistler Cay Heights neighbourhood was unloading her car and the approximately 100-pound bear found its way in through an open door, conservation officer Chris Doyle told The Huffington Post B.C.

The woman allegedly found the bear in the home before it knocked her down and tried to make its way upstairs.

It was there that a male resident threw objects at the animal to drive it away before it broke out of the house through a window.

Officers later found the bear down in a tree and killed it.

Doyle said the bear had a history of conflict after its mother was reported breaking into residences with her cubs nearby.

"This cub likely learned that behaviour from the sow," he said.

Doyle added that bears are often spotted in the Whistler valley at this time of year, where they're more likely to encounter humans.

The bear could not have been relocated because the animals was deemed too dangerous to humans, Global News reported.

Any bear that enters a residence is likely to repeat that behaviour, Doyle told the network.

CORRECTION: A previous version contained incomplete information. Tim Schumacher with the Conservation Officer Service said that the bear came into the home through an open door while the female resident was loading her car. She later closed the door without latching it, trapping the bear in the home. The resident saw the bear out of the corner of her eye in the kitchen and was in the bear's direct path, preventing its exit. The bear stood up on its hind legs and pushed her over before trying to go upstairs. The bear later tried to rip away at the door it came through before breaking a window to exit. RCMP officers saw the bear coming out of the window and followed it to a tree in a neighbour's yard, where it was shot. The bear had previously been relocated twice; once when it had entered this same residence over the summer, and last year when it was spotted in a vacant home with its mother.

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