10/01/2013 08:31 EDT | Updated 10/01/2013 08:32 EDT

Bill Nye The Science Guy Dresses Like Robot, Dances To Daft Punk, Does Not 'Get Lucky'

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." I use past-tense because, spoiler alert, he is no longer on "Dancing with the Stars," but he did leave the show with a big bang. (#ScienceJokes)

Nye injured his knee during his performance on Sept 23 and may need surgery, making his departure somewhat inevitable. Nonetheless, he defied doctors orders and decided to dance anyway. But since he couldn't move much, Nye made the best of his bad situation by dressing up like a robot and dancing to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

The result may not have been enough to save him for another week, but it sure was awesome to watch. At least he's got a ready-made Halloween costume.

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