10/01/2013 16:35 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 18:58 EST

Canada Reads 2014 to highlight inspirational novels

Novels that inspire social change will take the spotlight for the 2014 edition of Canada Reads, with organizers of the annual book battle calling on Canadians to recommend their favourites.

Beginning today, CBC Books is calling on readers to suggest novels they feel can change minds, lives and even Canada itself. Eligible novels must be written by Canadian authors, available in English and have been released by a traditional publisher. Suggestions will be accepted until Oct. 20

Those online submissions will first be whittled down to 40 titles and later, through public voting, to a top 10.

Subsequently, the yet-to-be-announced book panellists will each choose a title to defend from that list.

The identities of the 2014 participants and their respective books will be unveiled on Nov. 27.

"Reading inspires us and novels have the capacity to bring about real and lasting change," Canada Reads and Q host Jian Ghomeshi said in a statement.

"We're asking Canadians to tell us about the novels they feel will inspire a change. We are looking for stories of compassion, tolerance, humour, political engagement, diversity, reconciliation...the stories you feel our nation needs now."

The live Canada Reads 2014 debates are slated for March and will be broadcast on CBC Radio, CBC-TV and online.