10/03/2013 08:53 EDT | Updated 10/03/2013 09:03 EDT

Colt Hockey Stick Has 'Strength And Toughness Of Steel,' Company Claims

Sick of shelling out cash for expensive hockey sticks that break all too easily? A Toronto-based company's product could put an end to all that.

Colt Hockey’s stick, called “virtually unbreakable” on a CTV Consumer Alert segment, uses nano-material coating to increase durability while maintaining its light weight and flexibility.

The Colt started from a desire to build a hockey stick that could withstand the pressures of the roughest game in the world,” company co-founder Daniel Lucchesi said in a promotional video.

The idea for The Colt took root when Lucchesi saw how the technology made a ping pong ball strong enough to withstand 200 lbs. of pressure. He approached Toronto-based Integran Technologies about trying it out on hockey sticks, according to CTV.

The result is a stick that “performs like an elite composite with the strength and toughness of steel,” the company says. And although the sticks aren’t totally indestructible, “the nano-material coating will substantially decrease the presence of micro-fracturing,” Colt Hockey stated in a Reddit AMA.

The company, which is promoting the sticks via crowdfunding website Kickstarter, hopes to develop a final product and deliver orders before Christmas. They are expected to retail for $300.

The Kickstarter campaign has over $65,000 pledged out of its $75,000 goal, and ends Oct. 9.

“We have our prototypes and we can make these sticks on an individual and small quantity basis, so what Kickstarter will help us do is differentiate our prototype models and activate our curve choices, and also to get these sticks into a larger quantity of productions,” Lucchesi told the Toronto Star in early September.

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