10/03/2013 05:47 EDT | Updated 10/04/2013 10:51 EDT

Kayak Slide Video By Ben Marr Goes Viral

You've heard of casting off in a boat, but what about sliding in a kayak?

Whitewater kayaker Ben Marr did just that when he rode the Lions Bay Slide into Howe Sound at 56 kilometres per hour, capturing the whole experience on a GoPro camera.

The Lions Bay Slide is the lower part of a river where officials installed concrete barriers after a landslide. Marr had to navigate the slide with his paddle to make sure he didn't bail along the way.

The video went viral after being posted on Facebook on Sept. 30, picking up 1,847 shares and 1,084 likes as of Thursday.

This isn't the first extreme kayaking video to hit the internet. Last April, kayakers in Hawaii paddled a river near an active volcano, coming very close to lava runoff.

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