10/03/2013 01:53 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Ontario consumers urged to avoid certain bottled water brand due to bacteria

TORONTO - Ontario’s Health Ministry is warning consumers to steer clear of bottled water manufactured by a Caledon-based company.

It says samples taken from Blue Glass Water Co. Ltd.’s products have been found to be ”heavily contaminated with bacteria.”

The province’s chief medical officer, Dr. Arlene King, is also warning businesses not to serve water from the company, which is also known as Caledon Clear Water Corp.

A ministry statement says Blue Glass Water was ordered to stop its operations related to bottling, processing and distributing water on July 25.

But public health units continue to see the water in food establishments in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara.

The bottles may be blue, green or clear glass in 375 or 750 millilitre versions.

And, since the company also offers customized labelling, consumers are asked to check labels for “Bottled at source by Blue Glass Water Co. Ltd.“ or “Bottled at source by Caledon Clear Water Corp.”

No illnesses have been reported and the ministry says it is continuing to monitor the situation.

"I am strongly advising the public and businesses to avoid consuming or offering for sale any bottled water produced by Blue Glass Water,” said King.

”The bottled water may be sold under many different labels so it is important to look for the manufacturer on the label before consuming or purchasing."