10/04/2013 03:41 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Alberta man found guilty in Edmonton's Whyte Avenue fatal stabbing in 2006

EDMONTON - An Edmonton man has been found guilty of manslaughter, even though the Crown says he likely wasn't the one who fatally stabbed the victim.

Applause broke out in the court room when Judge John Gill announced his verdict.

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga (De-COIN zu-NEE-guh) was part of a group that swarmed Dylan McGillis on Whyte Avenue in 2006.

Decoine-Zuniga testified he punched and kicked McGillis.

Crown prosecutor Ashley Finlayson says just being part of the group involved in the attack is enough for a conviction.

Decoine-Zuniga has been released on bail and a sentencing date will be set on Thursday.

“It’s important to realize that, because when you engage in a group attack on someone, things can get out of control very quickly and serious injuries can occur, and you’re responsible potentially for the actions of the group so if someone dies you can be held accountable for that death,” Finlayson told reporters.

After court was dismissed, there were hugs and tears among the 35 family and friends that were there.

McGillis's mother, Marlene Beres, said she knows what she will tell the judge in her victim impact statement.

"It took my son away," Beres said Friday. "I go to my son’s grave to talk to him. No parent should have to do that.”