10/04/2013 03:47 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Freemen-On-The-Land Grande Prairie: Alberta RCMP Aware Of Group, Working Toward Peaceful Solution

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. - RCMP say they're working towards a peaceful solution after reports that some self-proclaimed sovereign citizens have taken over a trapper's cabin in northwestern Alberta.

Cpl. Roy Kennedy said Friday that officers were looking into complaints relating to property about 60 kilometres southeast of Grande Prairie.

He said he can't reveal details of the allegations but, in general, they could include mischief, threats or weapons.

Kennedy stressed that no charges have yet been laid.

"We're working towards it being a timely and thorough investigation and trying to resolve it as quickly as we can and as peacefully as we can."

In May, the provincial government learned that several people had been illegally living in tents on public land in the area.

A spokeswoman with Alberta Environment said they were given an eviction order but refused to leave.

"They told our officers that the Crown land didn't belong to the government of Alberta — it was free land, they were making up their own country and they were going to be building a cabin on it."

She said there were recent reports that the people have moved into at least one trapper's cabin in the area. RCMP then took over the case.

Kennedy said the individuals may be associated with Freemen-on-the-Land.

The FBI considers the movement a domestic terror threat in the United States but followers in Canada have said they do not support violence.

Last month, police in Calgary arrested a man on outstanding warrants who had claimed a duplex as his embassy, changed the locks and refused to leave.

Andreas Pirelli had been in the home for nearly two years.

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