10/06/2013 08:14 EDT | Updated 10/07/2013 09:23 EDT

Yaletown Hit And Run Puts 9-Year-Old Boy In Hospital

Matt Pozer

One nine-year-old boy is in hospital and another severely shaken after a collision between two cars in Yaletown pushed them onto the sidewalk where the young cyclists were waiting to cross the road.

The accident, between a Nissan SUV and an Audi, occurred at Pacific Boulevard and Davie Street, just after 1 p.m., Global News reported.

One of the boys was taken to hospital with broken bones, Global noted, the other was uninjured.

According to CBC, the SUV mounted the sidewalk, pinning one of the boys, identified only as Russell, underneath. The silver Audi fled the scene, but has since been located by police.

His friend, Spencer, told the broadcaster that they were out for a bike ride with Russell's parents. "We were just waiting for the light to change, and then the car just came and almost, hit my friend," he said.

Eyewitness Craig Addy posted details of the terrifying scene to his Facebook page.

I'm all shook up. Just witnessed a terrible accident in Yaletown. That loud cracking noise 2 cars make when they collide is horrible. But that's not the terrifying part. One of the vehicles, a small SUV careened into the corner sidewalk and ran over a child waiting on a bike. The crying and wailing was heart rending. The child pinned under the SUV. People rushed over and lifted the vehicle off in seconds. I don't know if the child is ok. Too many people everywhere. And the second vehicle? Nowhere to be seen. Looks like the driver did a runner.