10/07/2013 04:17 EDT

Alberta Pickup Truck's Flag PHOTO Not Redneck Enough To Be Authentic

Proving that Alberta humour extends beyond Edmonton city boundaries, Calgarians are having nice chuckle at their own expense after one of their own posted a photo that plays on more than one provincial stereotype.

The picture was taken over the weekend and shows a pickup truck, complete with lift kit, flying two massive flags - one is the Maple Leaf, the other is of AC/DC - as they flap in the breeze, while hanging off of two, ahem, hockey sticks

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The photo wracked up a massive number of comments on Reddit, many of them questioning the authenticity of the photo as, many claimed, it did not seem to be redneck enough to be Calgary.

"No 'balls deep' sticker. No truck nuts. No tinted windows. You call that a lift? 2/10," wrote JakeGyllenhaal.

"No way this is Alberta. Neither of those rigs have Truck Nuts," added Swampfoot.

Others simply basked in some good-natured self-deprecating humour, complete with Fubar references which, incidentally, was filmed in Alberta.

"I'd party with him," said Nictionary.

"Honestly, that's pretty cool," added beatbox.

According to Reddit user mmastrac, who posted the photo, the picture was taken at southeast Calgary's Pick-n-Pull, a self-serve automotive parts salvaging business for the mechanically inclined.

The post comes a week after an Edmonton prankster made national news when he, or she, changed the slogan on the Welcome to Edmonton signs that greet drivers to the Alberta capital.

The slogan on the signs were intricately changed using original spec materials, fonts and colour. The city's official slogan, City of Champions, was changed on the different signs to read City of Speed Traps, Road Construction City, City of Shenanigans, and reader favourite, Suck it Calgary.