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Fall 2013 Beauty Tips From Trendy Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Emma Watson attends a screening of
Emma Watson attends a screening of

Fall is here, and there’s nothing anyone can do to take that away from us. We have earned fall. We’ve sat through summer heat and sweating through nice clothes and cursing our choice to live anywhere humidity exists, and this is our reward: autumn. Crisp air, layers, dark colours, and our ability to actually hold a hairstyle – this is our time.

So obviously we want to write about it as much as we can – particularly in terms of fall beauty tips you can adopt for the next few months. (Then it’s winter. And then you’re on your own. Just kidding – somehow it gets even better then.)

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Fall Beauty Tips

1. Full Eyebrows

Put those tweezers away friends, and forget the day you over-plucked for prom. For fall 2013, we look to models like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson, who embrace a full brow without fear.

To do it yourself: Stop plucking anything but strays (it’ll be a frustrating few weeks, but it’ll be worth it), and fill in using shadow and a slanted brunch or an eyebrow pencil.

2. Dark Lip Colour

Autumn 2013 is already renowned for a dramatic colour scheme, so apply it to your makeup routine with dark, bold lips.

To do it yourself: Pick a tone, and apply as much as you want, whenever you want. Just re-apply since fading can make you look like you’ve been pulled out of the sea.

3. Bold Eyeliner

The cat’s eye has never gone “out” (and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise), but with ‘50s and ‘60s-inspired styles on the runway, the classic look is showing up on everyone, everwhere.

To do it yourself: Apply a thin line along the lashes, and then once you hit the edge of your eye, flick upwards towards your eyebrow. Then, fill in. Best news: in terms of eyeline, there’s no such thing as “less is more.”

4. Pink Blush

There’s a certain traditional femininity to fall 2013 fashion (we chalk it up to the English rose looks of "Downton Abbey"), and autumn’s blush trends are a testament. However, while most designers kept their models’ cheeks vibrant and rosy, "Downton’s" Michelle Dockery opted for a more natural approach at the 2013 Emmys, giving her cheeks a healthy glow, but while still staying true to her porcelain complexion.

To do it yourself: Choose a colour that complements your skin tone, and apply as much or as little as you’d like with a big makeup brush. Then blend. Blend like you’ve never blended before.

5. Wavy Hair

Every so often, a season ensues that results in creative freedom. Enter: Fall/Winter 2013, and the “anything goes” attitude in terms of hair.

This season, we’ve seen everything from slick, centre parts on the runway during Milan Fashion Week to "Mad Men's"January Jones channeling Grace Kelly. However, "Zero Dark Thirty" star Jessica Chastain showcased the go-to hairstyle at TIFF 2013, proving you can wear the look either formally or while at home writing an article about beauty trends. (Hi!)

To do it yourself: Use your flat iron to create curls and waves, and brush out for that retro vibe.

6. Bouffant Hair

Following in the footsteps of Kate Spade’s models, Lana Del Rey’s been channeling the retro aesthetic herself (not that we’re particularly surprised), with a brushed back style – one similar to January Jones’ early this year.

To do it yourself: Blow dry hair after adding volumizing mousse or product, straighten, and then tease from the roots with a comb or small bristled brush. Make sure not to over-straighten the roots, though – otherwise teasing isn’t going to work.

7. Nude And Pastel Nails

Meanwhile, to balance out fall’s dramatic lips, eyes, and everything else, we present: nude nails, worn by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and "Girls" star Allison Williams and was seen everywhere at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and this year’s Emmys. It makes sense: with a season rich in colour and drama, you’ve got to choose one trend to ease up on.

To do it yourself: Apply an undercoat, then paint on any “nude” colour you like. But don’t forget topcoat!

8. Smokey Eyes

Cat’s eyes are one thing, and smokey eyes are another. However, while both are beauty staples, there’s been a unique take on the trend this fall – dark coloured eye shadow (not just dark neutrals) worn with shimmer.

Olivia Wilde is the perfect example: pairing dark tones with light, shimmery purple and classic red lipstick she pays tribute to Old Hollywood, filled-in eyebrows and all.

To do it yourself: Using a slanted brush, apply the darkest colour to the crease of your eye, then blend a slightly lighter colour on the lid. Under the eyebrow, apply a light, highlighting tone, then brush on (or use your fingers) a light colour to make the look pop.

9. Nude Lips

“But you just said dramatic lips were a thing!” you yell, after having bought 16 lipsticks. It’s okay: they are. However, on the flipside, nude lips are a perfect way to help dark eye makeup stand out without seeming like you’re overdoing it.

Keira Knightly knows what’s up: using nude lips to offset her bright purple eye shadow, she keeps her look balanced by allowing eye makeup to stand out on its own.

To do it yourself: Find a lip colour that’s a little darker than your natural shade (you don’t want to look like a corpse), and apply at will. Just make sure to make your eyes stand out so that you don’t seem like a canvas.

10. Matte Finish

In spring and summer everything shimmers – partly because it’s trendy, and partly because all of us are sweaty and we may as well make it seem intentional. However, this fall we welcome the “matte” look; the more “finished”-centric. Even if you’re going for a natural style like Amy Poehler at the 2013 Emmys, you keep blush and powder matte – and especially so if you’re opting for dark lips, dark eyes, and everything “drama” represents.

To do it yourself: Keep a finishing powder on hand, just to take away any excess shine or sheen. Don’t load up on regular powder, though, or you’ll dry out your skin while clogging your pores.

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