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Prime Minister Stephen Harper Has Some Style Cred At APEC Stummit (PHOTOS)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't generally known for his sense of style (unless we're talking about his "Gangnam Style").

Unlike Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, who dresses to impress with his bright ties and ruffled hair, Harper has always gone for sedate over seduction (check out his decidedly un-fabulous navy suit at this year's G8 conference).

But all that may change.

In fact, the endek is this year's photo outfit at the APEC Summit, which means all the leaders gathered must wear a variation of the shirt.

According to, "the endek is dyed with four colors red, blue, purple and green, chosen by the wife of the Indonesian President, Ani Yudhoyono."

The idea for ditching suits for the traditional garb dates back to the first APEC meeting in 1993 when then-U.S. president Bill Clinton dressed leaders in leather Bombardier jackets.

Do you think purple is a good colour on Harper?

Justin Trudeau has some style competition:

Justin Trudeau's Unconventional Style
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