10/07/2013 10:30 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Missing Cat Found By WestJet At Vancouver Airport

siamese cat
A Vancouver woman says WestJet has found her cat that got lost after the kennel fell apart while it was being loaded for a flight to Toronto.

Kelli Seepaul says she was told early this morning her cat Willow had been found.

"WestJet called me at around 5:15, 5:30 this morning. I mean I'm really happy, grateful and relieved."

She says her cat apparently wandered up to someone at a gate, who held the cat and called WestJet.

"I honestly didn't ask a lot of questions because I was just so happy."

Her parents are picking the cat up from the airport this morning. Willow will get a quick look-over by a vet, then be flown to Toronto free of additional charge, by WestJet.

The cat was one of two Seepaul was taking with her while moving to Toronto. She was about to board her plane when the airline paged her to say both cats had escaped, after ground handlers picked up their kennel and the bottom fell out of it.

Seepaul helped staff search for the animals in Vancouver airport's baggage area and Finnegan was found, but after four hours Willow was still missing and Seepaul had to fly to Toronto.

Seepaul says she is satisfied with the attention the lost cat, which she adopted from a shelter in Squamish, got from WestJet.

"I'm really happy with the updates they gave me, and what they did to find her."

WestJet later tweeted that the cat was coaxed out by an Air Canada agent.

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