10/08/2013 09:11 EDT

Before And After Makeup: Young Woman Ages Herself To Senior Citizen (PHOTO)

Most women use makeup to play up their best features, cover up unwanted spots or erase signs of aging but one young lady decided she wanted to know what she would look like when she was in her twilight years.

Last week user gingeralee posted a photo composite of herself with minimal makeup and two selfies which show what she thinks she would look like aged by a few decades thanks to her talented makeup skills.

Titled "Underage Drinking: Part 2", the woman, who didn't divulge her age but said she isn't 21 years old (the legal drinking age in the United States), said she wanted to prove to disbelieving commentators that she didn't Photoshop herself in a previous makeup aging post.

She said:

"A couple months ago, my first picture made its way to facebook pages (link in comments). There were obviously many skeptics that called bullshit and demanded that I prove it. Not that I was submissive to the unbelieving neckbeards of facebook and reddit. I did this more to prove that I could still do this to my face (I hadn't put on age makeup in literally two years). So, here it is... me in 70 years... hopefully."

The post that started it all (which was also posted on Reddit) began when "gingeralee" was "bored on a Saturday night" and wanted to see if she could get into a bar without getting carded (hey, haven't you heard about fake IDs?).

This led to her applying a lot of pale makeup, wrinkle lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead and eye makeup which made her lids droop.

So did the ploy work? The young woman said yes and we're sure she had a lot of fun fooling people into thinking she was well into her 70s.

This incredible makeup artist isn't the first woman to fool people with her skills with a brush and lots of powder; photos posted to Reddit a few days ago show before-and-after photos of a young woman completely transformed by layers of contouring, blush and eye pencils.

Who knew that makeup could be so powerful?

The first attempt:

More jaw-dropping transformations:

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