10/08/2013 06:51 EDT

The Coffee Project: How HuffPost Canada Readers Take Their Coffee

Earlier this month, we asked HuffPost Canada readers about their coffee habits. Do you take your cup of joe black? Do you have it over breakfast at home or in the car on the way to work? Do you line up at Starbucks or Tim Hortons? How much of a hit does your wallet take from your caffeine habit?

We asked these questions and more. We got responses from more than 1,200 of you from across the country. The results gave us an interesting picture of the coffee-drinking habits of Canadians (or at least HuffPost Canada readers).

  • Drinking at Home
    Drinking at Home
    More than half of you, 56 per cent, have your first cup of coffee at home. Another 15 per cent of you said you had your first cup of coffee on the way to work.
  • Stick With the Drip
    Stick With the Drip
    There are plenty of fancy options out there, but almost three out of four of our respondents (74 per cent) drink drip coffee, the kind you get from a regular coffee machine. About 15 per cent of you need a bit more of a jolt and drink espresso.
  • You Take It With...
    You Take It With...
    Forty-two per cent of you take your coffee with cream or milk and 19 per cent say they need a bit of sugar with their coffee. About a quarter of you, 26 per cent take your coffee black. Men are more likely to take their coffee black with 40 per cent of our male readers saying they drank their coffee without sugar or cream. Just about a quarter of our female readers take their coffee black.
  • Tim Hortons vs. Starbucks
    Tim Hortons vs. Starbucks
    Tim Hortons edged out Starbucks as the coffee shop of choice in our survey. Fifteen per cent of you said that you get your morning coffee from a local Tim's, 9 per cent of you chose the 'Bucks. Our regional data is a bit more spotty but Ontario is definitely a bit more devoted to Tim Hortons than B.C. or Alberta. Nearly 20 per cent of our Ontario respondents said they get their coffee at Tim Hortons regularly, only about 6 per cent of our B.C. respondents said that. Surprisingly both Alberta and B.C. proved to be loyal to Starbucks with 12 per cent of respondents from both provinces saying they were regulars at the international chain. Just more than 8 per cent of our Ontario survey takers said they were Starbucks regulars.
  • How Addicted Are You?
    How Addicted Are You?
    Only 17 per cent of our respondents say they drink four or more cups of coffee. More than half drink one cup (24 per cent) or two cups (37 per cent) daily. Men are also more likely to drink four or more cups of coffee a day. Almost 22 per cent of men drink four cups or more while only 13 per cent of women say they drink that much.
  • How Much Are You Spending?
    How Much Are You Spending?
    Most Canadians are penny pinchers when it comes to their cup of joe, with 72 per cent spending $3 or less each day. Possibly because they drink it at home. Just 7 per cent of our readers spend $5 or more on coffee each day.