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Penis Size Worries Don't Match What's In Your Pants: Study

Large banana and measuring tape on a white background
Large banana and measuring tape on a white background

For men who worry about their penis size, a new study reveals that all of that anxiety doesn't actually correlate to whether or not you're large or small.

Researchers from King's College in London have found that while some well-endowed men have "penis shame," lots of men with smaller than average penises feel completely confident. "It's an emotional feeling," study leader and psychiatrist David Veale told LiveScience. The findings were published online last week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

To reach their findings, researchers recruited 173 men online and at the university to answer a battery of questions about body image, erectile function, and other concerns about their sexual parts, LiveScience reports. In addition, 46 men agreed to having their penises measured in both flaccid and erect states.

Results showed that 30 percent of the subjects reported dissatisfaction with their genitals, with only 35 percent saying that they were very happy with their penis size. Older men and gay and bisexual men reported higher levels of anxiety regarding their penis size, the findings showed.

LiveScience added that "big or small didn't matter as much as the fears men carried in their heads." Veale said: "Quite a few of them have been teased about their size either by an ex-partner or in the showers as an adolescent."

A study published in April in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that women prefered larger penises -- with a special preference for tall men who were well-endowed.

Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that the average American man's penis is 14.2 centimeters long when erect.

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