10/09/2013 05:51 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Key dates in the history of the mysterious binder Duffy gave Nigel Wright

OTTAWA - Police revealed this week the existence of a binder of Sen. Mike Duffy's calendars, sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff Nigel Wright in February. A chronology of relevant dates:

February 2013 (exact date unknown): Duffy sends Wright a binder containing detailed calendars for his activities between January 2009 and December 2012.

Feb. 8: The Senate asks audit firm Deloitte to include Mike Duffy in their review of living expenses.

Feb. 11: Duffy visits the building housing the prime minister's offices. (With whom he met unknown).

Feb. 12: Conservative Sen. David Tkachuk, then chairman of the committee studying Duffy's claims, meets with Wright and discusses the audits.

Feb. 20: Duffy sends an email to Wright describing the binder he sent by courier. CTV has reported that this is also the date of an email outlining the "scenario" of Wright's repayment of Duffy's expenses.

Feb. 22: Duffy tells Tkachuk he wants to repay his expenses.

Feb. 27: Tkachuk sends Duffy a letter providing him with the $90,000 figure.

March 21: Deloitte auditors ask Duffy's lawyer for more documentation and to meet with Duffy.

March 26: Wright issues a bank draft to Duffy for $90,000.

March 26: Duffy's lawyer tells auditors that he has paid back the expenses, and his further participation in the audit is unnecessary.

April 16: Auditors give verbal briefing to sub-committee of Senate internal economy committee on audits. Tkachuk tells Duffy that auditors have found an unusual expense claim.

April 18: Duffy writes Tkachuk offering to meet with auditors to explain the error in his expenses.

April 19: Duffy issues a statement saying he has paid back $90,000 in expenses.

April 25: Tkachuk writes Duffy telling him it's too late in the process to meet with the auditors.

May 7-8: Sub-committee of Senate's internal economy committee gets draft report on audits. Conservative majority votes to remove parts that are critical of Duffy.

May 9: Senate releases Deloitte audits and uncritical report on Duffy. Deloitte says they were unable to obtain documents, including calendars, from him.

May 10: Harper tells Commons that Duffy showed leadership in repaying expenses.

May 15: CTV reports that Wright covered the $90,000 expense repayment for Duffy.

May 17: Duffy resigns.

May 19: Wright resigns.

May 29: Senate committee meets again on Duffy, Refers matter to police.

June 14: Wright's lawyers send a letter to RCMP saying Wright was unaware of any fraudulent expense claims when he gave Duffy the $90,000; offers to meet with investigators.

Aug. 21: Wright's lawyers turn over Duffy binder to RCMP.