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Girl Guide Cookies Petition By B.C. Family Wants GMOs Out Of Recipe Cirella

"I promise to do my best, to be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada; I will take action for a better world."

Victoria Girl Guide Maya Fischer and her mother Linda Cirella are taking the Girl Guides of Canada motto seriously and have waged a fight with the organization's use of GMOs in its cookies.

In a petition on, the mother-daughter duo are calling on Girl Guides of Canada to take GMO ingredients out of the famous cookies that are sold by its members throughout the country.

"Now, we want the Girl Guides of Canada to live up to their own motto by removing GMOs and making cookies safe and environmentally friendly," the petition states. It also outlines that while every Girl Guide is required to sell 24 boxes of cookies, Fischer and Cirella are refusing to eat, buy, or sell them while they follow the current recipe.

Dare Foods is the current manufacturer of Girl Guides of Canada cookies.

Nine-year-old Fischer started the petition with her mother back in June, reports Global News, and has been with the Girl Guides Organization for over four years.

The idea of GMOs is pretty gross,” Fischer told Global News. “They take genes from different animals and plants and put them together. And if we don’t know they’re safe yet why would Girl Guides want kids eating them?”

It doesn't seem to be resulting in any changes just yet, though.

Girl Guide cookies business manager Dave Pause told News1130 that there are no current plans to rid GMOs from the current recipe. “With the current world market for food products, it’s not a financially viable option,” he told the news outlet. “It would triple the cost of our cookies." As CBC News reports, most Canadian processed food contains at least some GMO ingredients.

Still, the online petition has gained over 22,000 supporters since it was launched four months ago.

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