10/09/2013 05:31 EDT | Updated 10/09/2013 05:34 EDT

This Photo Of Canada's Newest Premier, Tiny Reporter Is An Absolute Delight (PHOTO)

Stephen McNeil, Nova Scotia's premier-designate, is a tall man. We're talking NBA tall, folks.

The 48-year-old apparently stands 6-foot-5, making him about three inches taller than Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Sun News reporter Paige MacPherson? Well, she isn't very tall at all.

In fact, MacPherson explained on Twitter she measures up at 5-foot-1... and a half.

All this explains why we love this photo MacPherson posted online Tuesday so very much.

Amazingly, MacNeil's stature may not even be the most surprising thing about the Nova Scotia Grit.

It turns out he's also the 12th of 17 — SEVENTEEN — children.

The provincial Liberal leader's late mother, Theresa McNeil, was left to raise the family alone when her husband, Burt, died in 1977. But she still managed to find time to become the high sheriff of Annapolis County — the first woman to hold such a position in Canada.

MacNeil returned his party to the glory years of the 1990s with a majority victory Tuesday night, capturing 33 seats in the 51-seat legislature.

No small feat.

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