10/09/2013 10:50 EDT

The Most Ironic Tim Hortons Fail Ever (PHOTO)

While it's certainly of the unintentional variety, this may very well be the most ironic Tim Hortons fail ever .

The photo was posted to Reddit by user StJohnsFog, who had a sense of humour about the Timmies employee who decided to insert a customer-service survey into the bag containing his donut.

"I laughed hysterically when I pulled it out as well. Happy to be of service, enjoy the rest of your day."

The thread on the donut incident is also pretty hysterical, with current and former Tims employees debating the finer points of letting icing cool and mixing fondant.

And for those of you who are tempted to go Alanis here, the definition of irony is as follows:

"A noticeable, often humorous, difference between what is said and the intended meaning."

We're pretty sure this wasn't Tim Hortons' intended meaning and we're positive this is humorous.

Check out the most frustrating Tims problems in the slideshow below and share your funniest fails in the comments.

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