10/09/2013 01:55 EDT | Updated 12/09/2013 05:12 EST

Victoria Good Samaritans Honoured For Brave Actions At Crash Scene

VICTORIA - Five people who ignored their own safety are being honoured for their efforts to help at a chaotic Victoria crash scene that had the potential to become a fiery explosion.

Victoria Police say the three automotive technicians and two doctors leaped into action when an SUV plowed through a bus shelter on Oct. 7, injuring two people, shearing off a gas meter and causing a natural gas leak.

As the doctors ran from a nearby clinic to tend to the victims, police say the three automotive technicians used parts of the demolished shelter to carry the injured away from danger.

The trio also climbed under the crashed SUV to ensure no one was trapped and then focused on trying to shut off the broken gas line.

According to police, there is no doubt the selfless actions of the five Good Samaritans prevented further injuries, and the two victims hit by the out-of-control SUV are expected to recover.

A Civic Service Award ceremony is being held for the five at the Victoria Police Department headquarters.

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