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Meaghan Kennedy's Piñatas A Hit With Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Create it just to destroy it.

That's the piñata business in a nutshell, and Meaghan Kennedy knows it well.

The 33-year-old Vancouverite is the mastermind behind Your Pinata, a custom piñata company that has taken off in recent months. She'll make a piñata of your mom, your boss, and even your favourite celebrity—the last of which she's become quite famous herself for.

Some of Kennedy's quirky star-inspired creations include Nicki Minaj, R. Kelly, Conan O'Brien, and Ryan Reynolds—and they've been catching Hollywood's attention.

Her business started over two years ago when she was asked to create a poodle piñata for a live comedy show in Vancouver, according to her website. It was during that process that she discovered her love for paper mache, and the rest, you could say, was smashed to bits. She left her career in luxury clothing and began her own piñata business.

Prices, according to CTV news, start at $300, and piñatas take about a week to make.

While piñatas are not exactly a rare commodity, Kennedy told The Province that "the detailing is the most important" part of what sets her work from the rest.

Head to Aphrodite's cafe in Kitsilano to see Kennedy's creations in person, reports CTV News. There you'll find some hanging from the walls, including a few Vancouver Canucks players.

Even though her creations are destined for destruction, Kennedy puts a lot of time into each piñata—something that her customers notice.

When people order a piñata they don't get it yet —what goes into it," Kennedy told BC Living. "But when they actually see them they're like, 'Oh my God, it has hair!'”

Kennedy's piñatas were recently featured a July 2013 GQ Magazine article called "Upgrade Your Gear for a Backyard Blowout," where Kennedy is described as able to "turn any likeness into the talk of your party."

Oh, and don't forget the candy.

See some of Kennedy's creations here:

Photo gallery Your Pinata Creations By Meaghan Kennedy See Gallery

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