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10 Places Perfect For Extroverted Travellers (PHOTOS)

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As the online battle of introverts versus extroverts continues, one has to wonder: who would be more likely to enjoy travelling solo?

On the one hand, solo travelling can include lots of alone time and the ability to act as a “fly on the wall” in social situations; conditions which are optimal for introverts.

And on the other hand, it is also the perfect recipe for an extrovert to take control of a social outing, make a ton of new friends and become the life of the party. So yes, the pendulum swings both ways, both introverts and extroverts can be experts at travelling solo.

But right now, let’s just focus on extroverts. Contrary to popular belief, extroverts do more than just party. They often get coupled with that stereotype due to their outgoing personality, but the reality is that extroverts enjoy all life experiences just as much as introverts do; they just tend to be louder about it.

So while backpacking solo through Europe or heading on a tour bus through Australia, extroverts will be more likely to take the lead, find a great pub, and walk out with 30 new Facebook friends. But what else do extroverts do while travelling?

There is definitely more to being an extrovert than drinking, partying and meeting new people. The Huffington Post Canada put together 10 destinations with 10 activities perfect for any extrovert. If you don’t entirely understand the concept of embarrassment, talking quietly, or staying in on a Friday night -- this list is for you.

10 Places Perfect For Extroverts

10 Places Perfect For Extroverts