10/11/2013 04:39 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Paul Ainslie Quits Rob Ford's Executive Committee


Toronto city councillor Paul Ainslie has stepped down from Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee.

The Ford ally and representative for Ward 43 in Scarborough said Friday afternoon that, after three years’ service on the committee, he has doubts about the city’s direction under Ford.

“I am now very concerned with a lack of appropriate fiscal objectives, as well as long-term strategic planning,” Ainslie said in a statement.

“I feel our city is now in a ‘status quo’ state of operations, which will not lead it along the necessary path to promote growth, and long-term success,” he added.

Ainslie joined the executive committee following the city’s 2010 election as chair of the government management committee. He later became chair of the parks and environment committee.

He told reporters on Friday he began to "butt heads" with the mayor about eight months ago, mostly over budget issues. 

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