10/11/2013 03:39 EDT | Updated 10/11/2013 03:46 EDT

Piper Kennedy, Woman Behind StarbucksDrakeHands, Speaks Out About Video

Last week, Piper Kennedy was just another aspiring model/actress in L.A. Then she went to Starbucks.

One of the baristas struck up a conversation with her, and she ending up giving him her number. Shortly after, he texted her a selfie video of him touching his face with bedroom eyes, while Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" plays.

BOOM. StarbucksDrakeHands was born.

The video went viral, and Kennedy has been inundated with interview requests. In a Canadian exclusive, she spoke to Damnit Maurie of The Roz & Mocha Show on Toronto’s KiSS 92.5

Listen to the interview below:

The radio host asked Kennedy if the whole thing was a Jimmy-Kimmel-like viral hoax, but she says absolutely not. In fact, she says she has no part in it going viral. She just sent it to a friend who was having a bad day to cheer him up, and he posted it to Instagram and dozens (Hundreds? Thousands?) of imitators followed.

For her part, she says she feels overwhelmed by how much attention the video has gotten. She says she's actually turned down most requests from TV and radio to talk about the video, speaking only to Ryan Seacrest and KiSS 92.5.